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Custom developed content with SAP Data Hub

I don’t think SAP Data Hub requires and introduction anymore, but in case you do, please refer to a product introduction here. This blog is about a very specific aspect of SAP Data Hub – “custom developed content”. What is... Continue Reading →

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SAP Data Hub 2.3 – expanded opportunity for SAP’s Partner Eco System!

By now you probably have heard of SAP Data Hub – just a year young, Version 2.3 just announced, and already demonstrating tremendous value in today’s complex data integration scenarios. And while there are plenty of web resources that describe... Continue Reading →

Sapphire 2016 observations

At the recent 2016 Sapphire conference in Orlando, Florida, SAP really did not have anything groundbreaking to report during any of the keynotes. Nonetheless, attendance and the buzz everywhere at the event were up. Bill McDermott (SAP’s CEO) reported a... Continue Reading →


I am still puzzled by the fact that so many folks in the SAP ecosystem worldwide are still unaware of or are not educated on the topic of SAP HANA TDI. The name alone is misleading. TDI (Tailored Datacenter Integration)... Continue Reading →

SAP HANA – Let’s keep it real

Before I continue writing my sequence on HANA and data center readiness, I need to finally write down my thoughts and observations after the recent Sapphire in Orlando and subsequent announcements. SAP seems to pull all stops to drive adoption... Continue Reading →

Practical Advice for HANA backups

Nearly every basis person I discuss the topic of SAP HANA in the data center is curious about three main areas. Data Protection (in terms of backup/recovery), High Availability, and Disaster Recovery. So, let’s discuss one at a time in... Continue Reading →

How will SAP landscapes change over time?

After participating at SAP FKOM (Sales Field Kick off Meeting) a few weeks ago and considering how the current direction of SAP application deployments and design directions will change SAP landscapes over the next few years, I thought it would be... Continue Reading →

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