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Practical Advice for HANA backups

Nearly every basis person I discuss the topic of SAP HANA in the data center is curious about three main areas. Data Protection (in terms of backup/recovery), High Availability, and Disaster Recovery. So, let’s discuss one at a time in... Continue Reading →

How will SAP landscapes change over time?

After participating at SAP FKOM (Sales Field Kick off Meeting) a few weeks ago and considering how the current direction of SAP application deployments and design directions will change SAP landscapes over the next few years, I thought it would be... Continue Reading →

SAP HANA – How cool is this!

Every time I find myself talking or presenting about HANA, I can barely contain my excitement. I have been in the IT industry and the SAP space for a long time and have only on rare occasion come across technology... Continue Reading →

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